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Welcome at MODINT GmbH

In Fashion, the Netherlands is one of the most important business partners.

In credit management for Fashion and Textiles, MODINT is at your service. With over more than 75 years of experience you are assured of know-how and branche expertise. Over more than 600 European clients, whom represent a total turnover of € 9 billion, MODINT is your branch partner.

MODINT. The label for your success.

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    "Since the beginning of our cooperation with MODINT in 2011 and due to the fact of the competent and professional experience of the file managers, we have successfully recovered outstanding debts, including interest and costs."
    Peter Van de Velde
    Accounting Department
    Vegotex International
  • logo-DMI "Thanks to your collection services now only remaining assets of bankrupt companies on our balance sheet. All other outstanding debts have been paid. The MODINT credit managers not only succeeded to collect the claims of debtors from Hungary, they also managed to collect the outstanding debts on clients from South Africa, Bahrain and even India. Including interest and costs. I am very impressed and very happy.""
    Gerd Müller-Thomkins
    Deutsches Mode-Institut DMI GmbH
  • logo-ricosta "I previously never thought possible, you are able to collect our outstanding debts, which already were depreciated by our own accounts receivable department, even without any legal assistance or what so ever. And this also with that much empathy, skill and professionalism, the customer wanted to order from us again. There is simply no better way."
    Ralph Rieker
    Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH
  • logo-gozzip "Our continuously growth south of Denmark have also caused more loss and troubles to collect our outstanding. But since our start and co-operation with MODINT we have reduced our loss a lot. The communication is super, and we get all needed information in time. It has also reduce our time internal when only having to talk to 1 company who can handle our debts. We are pleased to work with competent, and professional people, which we can only say that MODINT provides."
    Lars Sandgaard
    Sandgaard A/S
  • logo-fuchs schmitt "It was an instant hit for me, the first time I used MODINT Credit Management. And, although it concerned a considerable overdue debt on a Greece debtor, the professionalism of the MODINT credit manager and the speed at which results were achieved have convinced me and beyond."
    Reinhold Milsch
    Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
    Fuchs & Schmitt GmbH & Co. KG

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Credit Control Outsourcing
Effectively but with tact. Your debtors will be approached in a professional, effective and commercially responsible manner for maximum results.

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Credit Management
Professional Credit Management by branch experts. Specialists with the sense of industry practices and the relationship between suppliers and customers.

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Branch specific credit insurance
MODINT’s Branch Policy allows you to strike the right balance between commercial interests and acceptable financial risk for your business.

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MODINT Factoring
Asset based lending offers you the solution when the necessary working capital is not available.

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Entry on the Dutch market
Entering the Dutch market requires a good preparation. It is very important to know where your opportunities are. And where not.

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Sustainable debt collection
MODINT distinguishes by unsurpassed branch expertise. Corporate responsible debt collection is to our greatest importance.